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Possible breach of HIPAA

Dear Patient,

We here at Healthy Connections strive to give our patients the best possible care.  We know that you entrust us with your health, your recovery and your personal information, and we are also well aware of the responsibility that your trust places upon us.  We endeavor to do all we can in order to live up to your trust and our responsibility.  However, this notice to inform you of a possible breach of HIPAA.

In the course of doing business we established contact with an outside business entity.  Once we had established appropriate privacy protection with the covered business entity we sent, via the United States Postal Service, a flash drive containing a number of business reports.  When the covered business entity received the envelope it had been damaged and no longer contained the flash drive.  It is believed that the envelope was run through the sorting machines at the post office and destroyed.

A small number of the business reports on the flash drive included information such as patient name, clinic ID number, current status of patient (either Active or Inactive), intake and/or discharge date, discharge reason, balance due, if any, at discharge.  For a minority of the patients affected the reports also contained a payer source, Medi-Cal number,  treatment modality and zip code.  No birth dates or Social Security numbers were included in any of the reports.

One thing you can do to protect yourself is to keep in mind that you are not required to confirm whether or not you have been affected by this event.

Once informed we immediately notified our local post office, the Post Office Distribution Center in Los Angeles, and the post office of the intended recipient.  We have made and will continue to make repeated contact with all of the aforementioned locations in an ongoing effort to ascertain the status of the flash drive.  We are not aware of access or misuse of the information by any unauthorized individuals.  We believe that it is most likely the flash drive will never be found in a useable state or be accessed by anyone who might extract the information.

We are continuing to make every possible effort to correct and/or mitigate any unintended consequences as a result of this unforeseen event.  We sincerely apologize and are taking appropriate actions to safeguard against this occurring again in the future.  We can be reached at this toll free number 1-855-615-3100 for further information.